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Baking Disaster

About This Assignment

This assignment was given to me by providing a list of words. None of them had anything in common to each other and did not relate in any way. The requirement was you had to take at least one word from the list and figure out how to write a fictional story with it. I used a method of ‘clustering’ where I took a word which in this case was ‘cup.

I was able to branch off of it using several words. After branching off using several words, I added the word ‘cake’ to my cluster. With that, I decided to write about a character who was going to participate in a baking contest. What was supposed to be a fun project for the main character, Suzie, turns out to be a test of her character and to see if she has the determination to finish her baking to enter the contest.

I had originally taken the word ‘patch’ and since I was writing it around Halloween, I wrote a themed story as it could be fantasy also, of talking pumpkins. After working out a rough draft, I couldn’t attach myself to the story and wasn’t happy with it so I scrapped it after working on it for 2 weeks. As a result, I came up with this. I hope you enjoy it.

The Story

Baking Disaster (Working Title)

Suzie and Marcy walked along on the sidewalk as their feet crunched over the leaves that were falling from the trees. With their backpacks draped over their shoulders, they were making their way to Suzie’s house after a long day of school.

While on their way, they passed Flancer Field where the annual County Fair was held. They saw a sign that announced a baking contest that was going to be done this year. Marcy, knowing Suzie’s love for baking, immediately began reacting to the sign.

“Suzie! We could enter this!” she exclaimed.

“Let’s do it!” Suzie replied.

There were flyers next to the sign. Suzie picked the orange-colored paper up and studied it.

“It says we can enter this as a team,” Suzie reported.

“I’m up for it,” Marcy replied.

“It also says that we can choose any type of entry we want. The only rule is that it has to be decorative,” Suzie said.

They continued walking back to Suzie’s house. As they walked, they talked about ideas they had to use as an entry into the contest. By the time they got to Suzie’s they had decided on what they would make. It would be a Halloween-themed layer cake. They excitedly ran into Suzie’s kitchen and got a paper and pen and began making a list of ingredients they were going to need. They decided they would go to the store the next day to get the materials they needed.

The next morning, Suzie called Marcy to see when she wanted to go to the store. Marcy answered the phone on the second ring.

“Hello,” Marcy said. Suzie thought that Marcy sounded stuffy on the other end.

“Hi Marcy. What time did you want to go?”

With a sniffle, Marcy said, “I’m really sorry Suzie. I’m really sick today. I won’t be able to help you with the baking.”

Suzie’s heart skipped a beat. The contest was tomorrow. She needed Marcy to help her complete the cake. Since it was a layer cake, it was going to require more than one person to construct it. Suzie could tell Marcy was upset so, without being able to say much else, she told Marcy if she felt better to give her a call and to feel better soon. She hung up the phone.

Suzie took a deep breath. She really wanted to enter the contest. She really liked the idea her and Marcy had come up with. She now had a mission. She was going to complete this herself, not just for her but for Marcy also. She got ready and went to the store.

When Suzie got to the store, it was unusually busy. She didn’t have a lot of time so she rushed into the store and pulled her list from her pocket. She ran to the dairy section and grabbed a pack of butter and a carton of eggs. She then went to the baking section to get the rest of her items. It seemed as if everyone in town was in the baking section. Suzie wondered how many people were entering the contest. She hurriedly went down her list as she grabbed the flour, vanilla, and sugar. She then scanned the shelves for baking powder. She then found a yellow box indicating the ingredient she needed and pulled it from the shelf. On her way out of the aisle, she grabbed two containers of frosting and sprinkles. She paid for the items and rushed home.

Suzie emptied the contents of her shopping bag onto the countertop and got to work. She beat the eggs and added the remaining ingredients to a bowl and mixed them together. From the cabinet, she got a baking pan. She added the mixed batter to the pan and set it in the oven. She set the time for thirty minutes.

Once the timer went off, Suzie ran to the oven and pulled the cake out. When she looked at it, it hadn’t risen. Suzie looked over and saw the culprit. It was the yellow box she grabbed hurriedly from the shelf at the store. It read baking soda. The recipe was to add baking powder. Suzie let out a loud moan as she rushed out her front door to go back to the store to get the correct ingredient.

She arrived at the store once again and rushed to the baking aisle. This time she studied the boxes carefully and pulled a box of baking powder from the shelf. She paid for it and rushed home once again. She then mixed another batch of batter, this time using the baking powder, and put it into the baking pan. After thirty minutes in the oven, the cake had risen and looked tasty.

Suzie got to work. She layered the cake with orange icing around the outside with black sprinkles. She then made a picture of a ghost using the rest of the sprinkles and icing. She put that in the middle of the cake. It wasn’t exactly what she and Marcy had planned but since it was just her working on it now, and after everything she had gone through, Suzie felt happy with what she had created.

The next day, Suzie entered her cake into the contest. Her entry placed third and won in the Most Creative category. For her, winning wasn’t the most important thing. She had overcome to big setbacks but was still able to accomplish her goal. To her, that was the best prize of all.