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World’s Fattest Mom looking to get bigger?

Before you read this blog, I would suggest reading this article:

I have a feeling this is going to be a rant more than anything so please, bear with me on this.

To summarize, Donna Simpson of New Jersey is attempting to become the world’s fattest woman…wow…what a great goal to set for yourself. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? COME ON!

She currently weighs 43 stone according to the article published. That currently (if my conversion is correct) is 602 lbs. But, apparently, this isn’t good enough! She wants to weigh a total of 1,000 lbs. How does she plan on meeting this? According to the article, she is consuming 12,000 calories a day (that’s roughly 10,000 above the average which is 2,000)…again, are you kidding me? Here is one of the best quotes from the article that I feel sums up this…specimen (I’m trying to be nice here) quite nicely:

“Donna, who wears XXXXXXXL dresses, eats mounds of junk food and tries to move as little as possible.”

Add onto it that this woman already holds the Guinness World Record as the World’s Fattest Mother when she gave birth to her daughter weighing 532 lbs. Apparently, this honor isn’t enough of a crowning achievement. (end sarcasm here) But, I guess that moving 20 feet before having to sit down is a good feeling.

I guess one of the most appalling thigs I read was the fact that in order to fund her $750 weekly…WEEKLY food bill she runs a website that men pay to watch her eat fast food. Hey uh…if you have the kind of money to spend and if you have the kind of time to waste sitting in front of your computer watching crap like this, I think you need to see a Psychiatrist….NOW! Let me get this straight…the economy sucks, people are out of work and can’t find jobs, but these morons have the money to watch a woman slowly kill herself? This kind of activity not only from Ms. Simpson but the idiots who help her fund this atrocity really speaks volumes about how far we’ve sunk as human beings. Quite frankly, it’s people like Ms. Simpson that make me ashamed to call myself an American. It’s no wonder other countries laugh at us. We deserve it. Especially when we have people like her and morons who support her by FUNDING IT running around.

But, I’ve saved the best for last…here is the absolute best (and when I say this I really mean, idiotic) quote directly from her:‘I love eating and people love watching me eat,’ she said. ‘It makes people happy, and I’m not harming anyone.’

I want to concentrate on mainly one little part in that quote. Which is ‘I’m not harming anyone’
So, let me get this straight, you aren’t harming your daughter? What kind of example do you really think that this sets for her? I thought that parents were supposed to set GOOD examples for their kids. All you’re doing is showing your kid how to be lazy, irresponsible, and wreckless. Yet, you aren’t hurting anyone? What is going to happen to her if you make yourself sick and can no longer care for her or, even die for that matter?

Again, I’m ashamed that this woman resides in the United States. We deserve every single bit of criticism we get for this. Kind of funny though isn’t it…here we are trying to reform our healthcare system…companies are encouraging people to lead healthier lifestyles…then, we have this.

I want to state that I, in no way, have a problem with people who are overweight. I know that people have weight issues that are just beyond their control. I just have a problem with people like this who are creating their own problem and what’s worse is they are proud of it

Ok…I’m done…rant over….


Food Inc.-Review & Thoughts

A few years ago, I watched a documentary called Syoer Size Me by filmaker Morgan Spurlock. I have to say that, personally, I was very intrigued by the general idea behind the film. To this day, I still go back and watch it from time to time. However, on the DVD, there is an extra feature where Morgan interviews the author of Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser.

In that interview, Schlosser talks about how the food industry as a whole, is treating cattle and poultry amongst other issues. More recently, I stumbled upon a documentary that he helped produce called Food Inc.

The documentary does have a tendancy to be very biased but the premise behind it is a reality that a lot of us know exists. The documentary goes into detail to show what exactly a killing floor looks like for pigs. It also goes into detail showing how poultry is treated…even in one scene showing how the chickens never get any exposure to natural sunlight, they’re basically enclosed in these dark chicken houses all crammed together in one tiny space (as opposed to free range).

I suppose if I was a filmaker, I would want my documentaries or films to have an impact…isn’t that really the goal after all? But, some of the things in it were hard to watch. To watch a cow get corn inserted into its stomach because they would typically not eat it so they grow faster (which in turn causes disease/bacterial issues) was appalling. I know it’s all about mass production but, how much slower would it really be for the cattle to actually grow naturally and eat what their bodies are able to support?

Super Size Me and Food Inc. have made quite an impact on me personally. For one, since seeing Super Size Me, I have barely eaten at a fast food restaurant (only if it was really necessary) since watching the film. With Food Inc., I’m going to go through great lengths now to start buying my poultry/meat from local areas as well as Farmers Markets for vegetables and fruits.

When you think about it, supermarkets are a matter of convenience but really, it’s no wonder there are so many people who are sick and unhealthy. I’m tired of it being about convenience…I want to feel safe and more importantly, want to know how the animals are treated and where the vegetable and fruits are being grown and coming from. If I can do whatever I can to keep my money from going to the big companies who don’t care about their workers or the animals/products they’re supplying (whether they be genetically altered or not) then that’s fine with me.

The official site for the movie can be found here

The site also features blogs as well as a petition to sign to include healthier menus in schools and also some helpful tips on how to get more involved in helping the way food is produced. One of them being to go to local farmers markets.

This blog was not intended for me to come across as some kind of animal rights extremist. I just found something that really intrigued me and I just can’t turn a blind eye to it anymore.

If anything else, please think about supporting the local farmers/growers in your area. They could sure use the help.