Pin Fun

About this assignment

This assignment was designed to help in getting a feel for writing non-fiction children’s articles. I struggled a bit at the start of this when I tried to bring POGS to light but after trying to write it, realized I couldn’t make it work like I wanted it to.

So, the next logical step was to write something that was more close to me so I chose bowling. I’m going to be making some changes to this eventually as I was encouraged to do so to attempt to try and get it published.

Pin Fun


Suddenly, a low rumble creeps up. A few moments later, a loud crash follows it. Applause and cheers can be heard over the rumble and crashing going on around you. Where are you exactly? A bowling alley!

For those that are unfamiliar with bowling, it is a game in which players score points by rolling a ball down a flat surface (called a lane) to knock down objects known as pins. The player who knocks down the most pins at the end of the game is the winner.

 Bowling has many different variations including the type of pins used; to the place in which it is played. Some forms of bowling have existed since 300 A.D. Two of the most common types of bowling played are Tenpin Bowling and Five-Pin Bowling. 

Tenpin Bowling is played using ten tenpins and is played on a lane that is sixty-two feet in length. If you knock down all ten pins on the first try, it is a strike. If you knock down all ten pins in two attempts, it is a spare. The lane also has a gutter on each side of it. If your ball goes into the gutter, it is a zero. It requires a bowling ball weighing anywhere from six to sixteen pounds with finger holes drilled into the ball. Official rules for this type of bowling were established on September 9, 1895 in New York City. A perfect game is worth 300 points.

Five-pin bowling is enjoyed in Canada. Five-Pin is played on the same type of lane that Tenpin bowling is played on but, is played differently. The pins are arranged in a V Shape. The pins that are used are smaller than the pins used for Tenpin bowling. In each frame, a player gets three attempts to knock down all of the pins. The center pin is worth five points if knocked down. The pins closest to the center are worth three each and the pins on the outside are worth two. A player can score up to fifteen points in each frame. The type of ball used is small enough to fit into your hand without needing finger holes. The original version of Five-pin bowling was created in 1908. A perfect game is worth 450 points.

Would you believe that bowling is currently played by 95 million people in over ninety countries worldwide?  Bowling is even available through video games on cell phones and video game consoles (in case you’d like to practice before going!)

Bowling is enjoyed as a game for fun but, it is also played on a professional level as well. There are leagues and tournaments that are available for kids of all ages as well as adults. The Pro Bowlers Association holds weekly televised events where pro bowlers compete against each other.

If you have ever bowled before, could you imagine objects like chairs or towels being used? How about a ramp? Another exciting type of bowling is Trick Bowling. A few of the players on the pro tour have competed in events like this. They are required to throw their bowling ball under a chair without hitting it to see who can knock down the most pins, using a bowling towel to throw the ball, or even by putting a ramp on the lane and having the ball fly off the ramp into the pins!

All you need to enjoy a game of bowling is shoes and a bowling ball. Both of these items are provided by the bowling alley that you would go to. If you find that you really enjoy bowling, you can always get your own equipment. Maybe Mom and Dad need a birthday gift idea for you?

Here is a secret to bowling. The best thing that goes with it is friends and food! A bowling birthday party can be a lot of fun for both you and your friends! Don’t worry about getting gutters. Bumpers can be put in the gutters so that everyone will be able to knock the pins down! The most important thing is to have fun!


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