The Waterfalls

About this Assignment

This assignment was designed around descriptive writing. My only instructions from my instructor was that she wanted to be able to read this piece and feel like she was there. One thing I did to help develop this story was I took the basic senses of touch, smell, and sight and wrote the story around it. This is based off an area near me that I’ve gone to quite a lot over the years.

The Story

The Waterfalls


As I ducked my way through the mouth of the drooping pine trees, I could hear the faint rush of water in the distance. As I entered, I was greeted by the smell of pine, bark, and moss. Rocks riddled with moss stick up through the ground and cover the pathway. As I walk, the sound of the leaves crunching beneath my feet mesh with the chirping birds and faint rush of the wind through the trees.

The leafy path transformed from flat to a sharp decline, making the walk a bit treacherous. After some careful scaling, the path levels out once again. The rush of the water is now louder but not yet in sight. Brown squirrel darts across the pathway and scurries up a nearby pine tree.

A boulder aged with the trials of nature and time appear as the water’s bellows increase in volume. The rock is cut into the side of the steep hill that now looks down on you from the path; creating a ledge for someone to sit on and admire the scenery. Off to the right, water can now be seen. There is a small opening where huge boulders can be stood on. The source of what was once a faint whisper can now be heard quite clearly. The sound of the chirping birds and wind are now drowned out.

Off in the distance, two children are excitedly walking with their parents as they look at the waterfalls before them. I make my way down the slippery boulders to the cliff. The boulder-cliff creates a spectacular view as a waterfall comes into view and the source of the rushing water is now seen. The water falls over the rocks and crashes to the bottom creating white foam below. Sunlight filters through the canopy of pines creating beautiful, divided rays of light that glimmer off the water below.

The water navigates through a small, winding, path of boulders and fallen tree limbs. I glance off to my left still atop the boulders to see the children and their parents on a smaller rock. I turn and carefully make my way up the slippery rocks away from the waterfall and begin to make my way across the dirt path.

Moving onward a few oak trees are encountered as the sloping hill becomes littered with a mix of rounded and sharp rocks. Once down that side of the hill, the ground flattens out. Off to the right, a smaller waterfall is flowing softly. The path now winds and a wooden bridge comes into view. Scaling the small incline, I make my way up to the bridge. Standing on the bridge gives the ability to view the biggest waterfall to the smallest. I pick up a leaf that is lying next to my foot. I drop it over the bridge and watch it float softly into the water and be carried downstream.

The rail of the bridge is filled with carvings from people who have hiked here over the years. A heart is carved with the names of two people under my hands. The wood has a gritty feel to as I rest my hands on it. A gust of wind provides more ambience as it rushes through the trees.  The sweet scent of lumber and pine wrap around me as I remain on the bridge. A slight breeze makes its way through the trees; rustling the branches and causing pine needles to rain down around me.
Making my way back towards the entrance, I pass the quiet babble of the smaller waterfall. The larger waterfall beckons in the distance as I make my way over the sloped and slippery crest. The deafening roar is all I hear as the rush of water is now off to my left. As I make my way up the slippery hill, I can once again, only hear the faint whisper of the water. As I approach the mouth of the drooping pine trees, I take a deep breath and get one last smell of pine and moss. I duck through the pine branches and leave the tranquility behind me.


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