Hi Everyone,

First off, welcome to my little space on the net…this tiny blog. For now, a majority of this blog will be used to post my writings that I’ve done. Although, if something else comes up that I feel I need to address (which will more than likely happen a lot lol) then, I’ll post it.

A little background

I’m currently taking a writing course and wanted to get my work out for anyone who would be interested in reading. The course i’m currently enrolled in is geared towards writing for young children through young teens. My favorite type of writing to do, however, is articles and stories geared towards an older audience. Any and all comments are welcome and much apprecciated…regardless of what they may be.

In closing

I hope that you will be inclined to leave your feedback. I’ve been writing as a hobby for a long time now but this is the first time I’ve taken any sort of courses/workshops and I’m always looking for suggestions/comments.


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